3USAT is a three unit CubeSat developed for voice communication at low Earth orbit. The payload is a VHFIUHF transponder operating at amateur bands. The transponder and all other subsystems, except the stabilization, are doubled for redundancy. Where possible, both COTS systems and in-house development is employed. Engineers of GUMUSH were working on this project as leaders.

BeEagleSat & HavelSat

The BeEagleSat & HavelSat are 2 unit-CubeSats developed for the EU FP7 supported QB50 project managed by an international consortium. The project local partners are three Turkish universities supported by student spin-off companies such as GUMUSH AeroSpace & Defense and ErTEK Space Technologies and Turkish aerospace Industry. The CubeSats contain an attitude determination and Control system-ADCS and a multi needle Langmuir probe-mNLP, both, provided by the QB50 consortium. 


NART-BUS is nanosatellite system includes Structure, Antennas for UHF-VHF & S-Band SDR, OBComms, ThermalControl, EPS, Solar Panels and ADCS. It is cost effective solution for technology demostration and space test. The project is supported by TUBITAK.