Thermal Cycling
  Thermal Vacuum


  • NART-EPS Electric Power Subsystem (EPS) provides superior life cycle, depth of discharge, efficiency and reliability compared to its alternatives.
  • Super capacitors provide far better life-cycle and robust thermal operating envelope compared to popular battery options.
  • NART-EPS is its user-friendly development environment. NART-EPS has different options for development and flight models, allowing users to conveniently develop and launch their satellite on a cost and time effective manner.
  • Components used on the system are selected from previous missions and/or thoroughly tested on TVAC to ensure best performance and high reliability on orbit.


  • PC-104 Bus Standard
  • Inhibit Switches For Safe Flight (x3)
  • PDM Switches For Power Distribution (x10)
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Max. Input Voltage 20V For All BCR
  • Input Current (per input channel): Up To 2 A
  • Output Power Buses

Regulated: 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V or Optıonal V

Unregulated: Battery Voltage (6.2 – 8.3 V);

  • 1x up to 25 W 5V bus
  • 1x up to 16W 3.3V bus
  • 1x up to 12 W 12V bus
  • Power Management Up To 40 W
  • Interfaces: I2C (Current, Temperature And Voltage Telemetry)
  • Latch-up Protected Outputs
  • Highly Efficient Regulators (up to 95%)
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Total Weıght: 103 g
  • Dimensions: 86 X 93 X 21 mm


Optional Regulated Voltage:

(8V – 35V instead of 12V)

  Thermal Cycling
  Thermal Vacuum